A Natural Way to Boost Your Energy
and Overcome Persistent Health Problems

The demands of modern life can drain our energy and affect our health.
Take the first step to regaining physical energy and emotional wellbeing.

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A Natural Way to Boost Your Energy
and Overcome Persistent Health Problems

The demands of modern life can drain our energy and affect our health.

Take the first step to regaining physical energy and emotional wellbeing.

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If You Suffer From ...

Then A Qi Treatment Can Work For You

A Few Of The Benefits You Can Experience

More Energy

Increasing Qi levels and enhancing circulation provide a natural energy boost for both body and mind, giving you the vitality needed to function at your best.

Less Pain

With improved Qi circulation, blood flow is enhanced, alleviating physical pain and empowering the body to heal more naturally.

Mental Clarity

The energy system supports the mind too, so with increased Qi levels and better circulation, the mind is more positive, calm and focused.

What other Penangites say...

Sue Ferguson
Sue Ferguson
I went to Sun Kyeong when I was in a very rough emotional spot. I was experiencing a lot of grief, uncertainty and fogginess and had difficulty seeing things clearly and making decisions. The Qi treatments with Grant helped tremendously; afterward, I felt a lot more clear-headed and balanced. Grant goes above and beyond to listen, make you feel comfortable, and we had some excellent conversations that shifted my perspective for the better. In addition, I was given tools to continue this work on my own. The positive impact that these treatments had will stick with me, and for that am incredibly grateful. I highly recommend going to Sun Kyeong if you need clarity, more energy, more peace, or just a shift in perspective.
Li Mei Tan
Li Mei Tan
it was the divine timing that i decided to sign up the Qi treatments. To be honest, i was skeptical at first and not knowing what to expect but through the sharing and treatments, i felt lighter and my body Qi flows better. Initially, i have a lower back pain that been bothering me and after few sessions, no more pain. Also, i can feel much better at engaging my core, even my PT was surprised. I was introduced to do the ancestor healing and i'm glad i did as i can feel the blessings for my ancestors. Grant has been a wonderful and wise soul who also help my siblings for the Qi treatments. Glad to see my family feeling better. I'm grateful.
I recently began SunKyeong treatments in Penang to address neck pain, dizziness, and anxiety. Initially, I was skeptical, but after just two sessions with Mr. Grantt, I've experienced significant positive changes in my body, including increased energy. I'm eagerly anticipating my next treatment and continuing this journey with Mr. Grantt.
Keshika Keshi
Keshika Keshi
Went to Sun Kyeong when I was feeling one of my lowest. I'm grateful that I took the right decision to seek the treatment. The treatment gave me healing and flowing energies with tremendously reduced blockages. Feeling much positive and energised. I'm able to navigate better now, feeling happier and more peaceful within. Highly recommended.
Suman Kaur
Suman Kaur
After just one treatment session with Mr. Grant Morrison, I felt different. Very much light and energy blockages has tremendously reduced. I believe I have found the right platform to achieve the goal of my life. So, Thank You for sharing some light, love and energy. 🙏🏻❤️
Ludwig Hofbauer
Ludwig Hofbauer
Sun Kyeong QI treatment is really great and energising! I am enjoying it since almost one year now and it really helped me to de-stress and find a new sustainable balance in my life. I never could believe how Grant helped me to harness the power of my own human energy and renew it in a natural way… Thank you Grant - I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
Joanne Stockbridge
Joanne Stockbridge
Grant was recommended by a friend who had attended for a free session. I have now had 10 sessions and have really felt the benefit from the first time. The first session was very powerful and I had a strong physical reaction/ detox afterwards. This included a very long and deep sleep. Subsequent sessions have helped to regain and balance my energy levels. What happens during the sessions? Grant very professionally explains some of the thinking/ ideas behind the energy work and then you are invited to lie on the massage bed. He then completes a series of movement on the body, a lot of which focus on the abdominal area. He is sensitive to my physical and emotional responses throughout. Sometimes I just drift away while he's working, other times it feels like a vigorous massage and so is more of an energising rather than sleepy experience. Depends what I need. I have no hesitation in recommending for people looking for sessions to balance and restore energy. Thank you Grant
Sarah-Joy Amin
Sarah-Joy Amin
An peaceful high energy space that offers beautiful Qi Treatments. I have been receiving weekly Qi treatments for over a month now and find that my blocked energies move more freely after each session. The combination of physical massage done with utmost care together with the energy healing is powerful! I highly recommend Sun Kyeong treatments to anyone open to receiving Qi and shifting out blocked energies and emotions.
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng
fabulous place I received QI after feeling very low in energy and felt so relaxed and recharged after ever session

What to expect from your session

15 Min. Consultation

To explain the dynamics of the Qi Treatment and to understand your health and well-being challenges and goals.

30 Min. Qi Treatment

Using sound to transmit Qi and acupressure to release tension, open energy blockages and boost blood and energy circulation.

15 Min. Feedback

To give information about your energy levels, identifying your weaknesses and blockages and recommending a course of action.

I was sceptical at first and did not know what to expect but through the treatments and consultations, I felt lighter and the Qi flow in my body was much better. I initially came for lower back pain that been bothering me, and after few sessions, there was no more pain. Also, I can engage my core much better, even my PT was surprised.

Li Mei

Georgetown, Penang

After just one treatment session with Grant, I felt different. Much lighter and the energy blockages had reduced tremendously. I believe I have found the right platform to achieve the goal of my life. So, Thank You for sharing some light, love and energy.


Ipoh, Perak


Meet Grant

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Grant has been a Qi practitioner with Sun Kyeong for 18 years, helping people to recover their health and happiness and make a deeper spiritual connection in their lives.


He worked as a software consultant in London and South Africa for 15 years and had always suffered with anxiety and in his early twenties developed severe physical pain.


Finding no solutions from conventional or alternative medicine he was determined to find a way to feel better.


When he found the Sun Kyeong method in London, the treatments, classes and in particular the Family Healing course improved his health significantly and left him feeling calm, peaceful and much happier. His anxiety vanished. He left a career he loved and began training to be a Qi practitioner.


After training in London and Korea, he worked in the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Mexico and now runs the centre in Penang, Malaysia.


He is dedicated to helping people find their true path in life, to be the happiest they can be.

What is Qi?

Qi (also known as chi) is often translated to ‘vital life force’, a universal energy that flows through our body allowing us to facilitate true harmony in life. Often put out of balance by our busy modern lives.

Qi is a universal vibration that allows us to:

Increase our energy

Strengthen our mind

Regain our health

Clear negative emotions

Feel calmer, lighter, and have greater mental clarity


Have a Question?

Qi Treatment sessions help to recharge the body with energy to stimulate the body’s own healing ability. Practitioners focus on the health of the energy system and levels of Qi rather than the illness. They have been proven to help with digestive disorders, fatigue, pain, insomnia, stress and other physical and emotional issues.

Qi Treatment sessions can be beneficial in the relief of anxiety, stress, depression, anger, low self-esteem, lack of focus or motivation and help relieve the pressures of modern life.

People are increasingly overwhelmed by stress and the pressures of modern life which is draining their Qi and making them ill. A Sun Kyeong Qi Treatment session is a first step to calming the body and mind, regenerating cells, dissolving pain and stimulating the body’s own healing ability.

The unique combination of light touch and sound opens up the energy system allowing you to receive Qi. Many modern ailments come from a shortage of Qi. Qi Treatment sessions are a unique way to recharge and support the body’s natural healing ability.

The breathing technique creates a vibration used to carry Qi into the energy system, deeper and more effective than touch alone. The vibration of the sound also helps to dissolve stubborn and deeply set tension and blockages. It is a unique, powerful and effective way to recharge and detoxify the body.

Qi Treatments are suitable for all ages and are received fully clothed. We ask that under 16s are accompanied by an adult.

Qi Treatment sessions are safe and supportive to receive during pregnancy. Always inform the practitioner before the treatment if you are pregnant. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, light touch is used in different areas of the body and with varying pressure. During pregnancy, mothers need to receive Qi to support their bodies and the growth of their babies.

Qi Treatment are safe and complement any conventional medical treatment you may be receiving. However, our practitioners are not a replacement for the advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

60 minutes including a consultation.

You will likely feel a shift in energy internally, people experience feeling lighter, brighter, and generally happier and more positive.
It is a completely painless experience. Clients have described the treatment as relaxing as a regular massage.

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