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Your personalised energy healing treatment.

Through the use of acupressure points all over the body we can release blockages and tension to help you regain physical energy and emotional wellbeing. Each treatment is individual and catered to your body type and condition.

Its time to overcome:

What to expect

After an initial consultation, your practitioner will begin the treatment using sound to transmit Qi and acupressure to release tension, open energy blockages and circulate energy powerfully throughout the body.


The treatment is deep and profound, releasing negative emotions, pain and stress.


Each Qi treatment recharges and opens the whole energy system, helping you to regain your vitality and circulate Qi, your life force, to where it is most needed in the body.


With more energy and improved circulation, your body has much power to heal, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, happier, as if a weight has been lifted from your mind and body.

Is a Qi treatment right for you?

Has physical or mental pain caused difficulty in your life?

The root cause of this pain lies in either a deficiency of Qi or blockages in the body which prevent Qi from circulating properly. Our Qi Masters work all over the body physically, whilst sending the vibration of Qi into the areas where it’s needed. When Qi flows freely and abundantly, you feel calmer, clearer, more focused and more connected to yourself and others.


The treatment is deeply relaxing and energising. After the treatment you will receive information about your energy levels and what type of blockages you have.


Our Qi Masters have a wealth of experience, wisdom and a deep connection to the source of Qi, which qualifies them to provide useful advice on how to release certain blockages that are holding you back, shift unhelpful habits and allow your life to flow more naturally, with more focus, power and energy.

Key Benefits

What is Qi?

Qi (also known as chi) is often translated to ‘vital life force’, a universal energy that flows through our body allowing us to facilitate true harmony in life. Often put out of balance by our busy modern lives.

Qi is a universal vibration that allows us to:

Increase our energy

Strengthen our mind

Regain our health

Clear negative emotions

Feel calmer, lighter, and have greater mental clarity


Meet Grant

Grant has been a Qi practitioner with Sun Kyeong for 17 years, helping people to recover their health and happiness and make a deeper spiritual connection in their lives.


He worked as a software consultant in London and South Africa for 15 years and had always suffered with anxiety and in his early twenties developed arthritis. Finding no solutions from conventional or alternative medicine he was determined to find a way to feel better.


When he found the Sun Kyeong method in London, the treatments, classes and in particular the Ancestor Healing course improved his health significantly and left him feeling calm, peaceful and much happier. His anxiety vanished. He left a career he loved and began training to be a Qi practitioner.


After training in London and Korea, he worked in the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Mexico and now runs the centre in Penang, Malaysia.


He is dedicated to helping people find their true path in life, to be the happiest we can be.

The conventional way of overcoming anxiety and depression didn’t work for me, but I’m so glad I found Sun Kyeong. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect to feel so good so soon.


My thoughts changed to a much more positive state, almost feeling like it was impossible to have a negative thought.



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30-40 minutes including a consultation.

You will likely feel a shift in energy internally, people experience feeling lighter, brighter, and generally happier and more positive.

It is a completely painless experience. Clients have described the treatment as relaxing as a regular massage.

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